Perpetual Motion :: Henry + the Invisibles Keeps It Moving With ‘Out Of Order’

Henry + the Invisibles has always been a champion for the DIY ethos, a keeper of the funk, and a candidate for hardest working man in the business, but one aspect that gets overlooked at times is his gift for motivational speaking.  His songs are such a complex presentation, and his mood often so upbeat and radiating, that some don’t catch all of the gems he’s dropping.  On his latest single (and video), Out of OrderHenry brings the tempo down a bit and drops manifesto-level bars on keeping your integrity and wits about you in a time full of turmoil and conflict.  And, amazingly, he drops all of this groove and knowledge in less than two minutes.  This is the kind of material that could help right the ship in these hazy days, so give this one a like, a share, and a comment, and keep supporting Henry + the Invisibles (or start supporting, if you aren’t already).



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