Sonic Reconstruction :: Haris Qureshi Compiles Extensive Remix Collection For ‘H+ Mixtape’


LNS crew member and producer/remix aficionado Haris Qureshi has carved out a niche for himself of the past half decade or so as someone who can take a good track and spice it up a bit to make it something fresh and unique.  His remixes have appeared as one-off uploads and compilation fodder for years, but recently, Haris decided to do listeners a favor by compiling nearly 50 of his favorite remixes into a single collection.  The artist list is diverse, covers a wide range of hip-hop aesthetics, and most definitely puts it down for the South.  Best of all, this behemoth is a name your price download, meaning you really have no reason not to get it.  If you can’t drop a few bucks for your download, then do the next best thing and share it around.



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