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Master Teachers :: Winter Fires Blesses KTSW’s ‘Studio C Sessions’

The Austin – San Antonio corridor is chock full of diverse musical talent that spans many genres, so naturally, it becomes hard to pick a favorite when asked.  One band that always comes to mind, however, is the Seguin-based collective known as Winter Fires.  Recently, they made a stop by the KTSW video production known as the Studio C Session to show off the talents that they learned after first connecting at the Texas Statue University school of music.  As per usual, the performance is a moving, riveting and dynamic one, with the members getting a proper chance to each show off their talents and range to the fullest.  Give it a like, leave a comment, and share it around for others to see as well.


Banding Together :: Fem-Fest Compiles The Third Edition Of ‘A Chronicle Of Martian Melodies’


Not only does San Marcos possess a vivid artistic and creative community, it also has a community full of supportive people that provide assistance for most anyone in any situation.  One of the more well-known and respected San Marcos institutions is the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic abuse and violence.  Normally, Fem-Fest puts together an event as a fundraiser to help, but due to logistics, the 2019 event did not come together.  Luckily, a laundry list of talented San Martians chipped in a song for a fundraising compilation : Winter Fires, Youngsville, Water On Mars, Sp_aces, Elevaded, Plain Zane, Shelly Webster, Cameron Elise, Lizzie Karr, Nix Nova, and Marcus Morales all contributed songs in hopes that the compilation can raise a sizable donation.  If you’re looking to help support, stop by the Bandcamp page and grab a copy… there are people out there that will certainly appreciate it.