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Banding Together :: Fem-Fest Compiles The Third Edition Of ‘A Chronicle Of Martian Melodies’


Not only does San Marcos possess a vivid artistic and creative community, it also has a community full of supportive people that provide assistance for most anyone in any situation.  One of the more well-known and respected San Marcos institutions is the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center, a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic abuse and violence.  Normally, Fem-Fest puts together an event as a fundraiser to help, but due to logistics, the 2019 event did not come together.  Luckily, a laundry list of talented San Martians chipped in a song for a fundraising compilation : Winter Fires, Youngsville, Water On Mars, Sp_aces, Elevaded, Plain Zane, Shelly Webster, Cameron Elise, Lizzie Karr, Nix Nova, and Marcus Morales all contributed songs in hopes that the compilation can raise a sizable donation.  If you’re looking to help support, stop by the Bandcamp page and grab a copy… there are people out there that will certainly appreciate it.



High Rising :: Cameron Elise Creates Visuals For ‘East Side’

Singer/songwriter Cameron Elise has now joined the list of creators that have taken the task of creating a music video into their own hands.  After the recent acquisition of a camera and nothing but inspiration to guide her, Elise was able to create a memorable and striking video for East Side, capturing several slice of life moments to punctuate her musical tales of people chasing their dreams.  The mostly black and white, highly stylized visuals work well, with the occasional peppered in use of a mirror split screen and rain effects thrown in for good measure.  Definitely impressive for a first time effort, and here’s to hoping that it won’t be the last.


Upward Bound :: Cameron Elise Releases ‘Home To The Hounds’ In Memory Of Merlin Luck

Even in our times of glory, tragedy can strike.  It is on us to determine how we accept these tragedies, how we process them, and how we move forward.  Cameron Elise, currently in the process of recording songs for an upcoming project, took a moment to commemorate the recent passing of San Marcos-based bluesman Merlin Luck via Home to the Hounds, a somber ode to making sure you leave as strong an impact as you can before you move on.  The song not only serves as a tribute to a man who left it all on the stage every time he played, but as a reminder to the rest of us to do the same while he have the opportunity to.


Shared Fortune :: Cameron Elise Releases ‘Afortunada’ Single

I remember seeing Cameron Elise several years ago at an impromptu house jam.  There were maybe 8 or 9 musicians of different skill and discipline levels around, and everyone was floating in-between ideas.  For the moments that Cameron took the lead, however, ideas seemed to evolve into movements and folks seemed on the same page.  In a more abstract way, I feel we are seeing that same process coalesce with her recorded material.  What was once raw talent and passion captured on recordings is evolving into focused ideas and execution with the proper amount of flourish to bolster those ideas.  If Afortunada is any indication of what her next full-length release will bring, I am definitely interested.


Wandering Soul :: Cameron Elise Releases ‘Eternally’ Video

Singer-songwriter Cameron Elise has an old-school aesthetic, but she is always looking to move forward and expand her horizons.  Her latest music video, Eternally, was shot while travelling in Mexico, and it shows her living many aspects of the things she speaks of.  The video is as candid as the song is forthright, but it is definitely a glimpse into her soul and her love for making music that speaks to listeners.