Strange Fun :: Urban Heat Channels Talking Heads Energy With ‘A Simple Love Song’

Jonathan K. Horstmann, the lead guitarist and singer for the dynamic group Urban Heat, is a man of many looks when it comes to artistic expressions.  Urban Heat has been an outlet for his more melodic, pop-sensibility songs, and while quality and style have been present since day one, something must have been in the air during the recording and video production of A Simple Love Song.  To call it a variance on a style established by Talking Heads is to do an injustice to the song and video, but the influence is certainly there and undeniable.  The song is immediately catchy, with the chorus of “I wish I could write you a simple love song, but the world keeps falling apart” standing as both a testimonial observation to our times and the catchiest of earworms to emerge in 2021.  Definitely check out the video, give it a like and leave a comment, and spread it around so it can be the next viral video sensation!



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