Proper Praise :: Riders Against The Storm (RAS) Drop Video For ‘Flowers For The Living’

The adage of ‘give me my flowers while I can smell them’ has become an ethos that is gaining rapid popularity, as many people often find themselves regretful when it becomes too late to give someone the praise that they deserve.  It is quite possible that this new cultural awareness may get a boost in the form of Flowers for the Living, a song as self-explanatory as it is catchy.  Chaka and Qi’Dada bar up the Ayma-produced track (as they are known to do) while Clarence James shines on the hook, and thanks to director @JustinHCinema, the track is given a colorful and vibrant visual counterpart full of the life that it celebrates celebrating.  It may be a little early for a summer jam, but if this track ends up having some legs, it’ll definitely serve as a proper candidate due to its immense amount of feel good vibes.



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