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Get Acquired :: Mexican Stepgrandfather And R.E.L.’s “Homework EP” Now Available

from the digital desk of A.T.P. :

MEX STEP is part of Third Root.  REL is part of Chisme.  Together they made the HOMEWORK EP.  Although they have worked together before, this is the first official MEX STEP and REL project.”



A Double Down From Mnolo :: MACHINE PEOPLE and GOLIATH

My man Mnolo may be the busiest producer in Texas right now.  His workflow over the past year has been nothing short of amazing, and there really doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.  Here’s the latest from his Collage Records collection:

“This album is the 2nd of many more collaborations to come between TX (mnolo) & Oregon (anecha). 

This album really came about very fluidly. Anecha sent me over some tracks that he created in Reason, all in various stages of completion. 
I took those track, opened them up in Reason 
(hint: use the same software for collaborations, its very convenient :), 
stripped away the majority of his melodic arrangements but left all his drums untouched. 

I went back through and re-arranged/ created the musical melodic parts, chop suey’d some vocals, horns, & drums. stretched & strained some samples & voila! 
GOLIATH has arrived. 
A funky powerful sample base creation made from samples & beats from who knows where. 
Its hiphop triphop journey through dark clouds & sunshine. 

We decided to make an album about a single man/woman facing immense adversity, in a world where the future looks bleak. And standing up to that adversity 🙂 Realizing his/her place in the world, connection to others & everything, taking the reigns, and ultimately prevailing. 
By any means necessary.”   -mnolo


“This album began 3 years ago with an email from me to Mexstep. I had heard his music, really respected what he was all about & constructed 10 beats in 2 weeks tailored to what i felt was his style & sound. 
He responded with a hellya and from there we spent 3 years recording, brainstorming, developing, adding, subtracting, enlisting troops (Vocab, Vicious, REL, & Daniela), and fine tuning ‘Machine People’. 

The end result is this powerful hip hop politico. Hard hitting, relevant, head knodding, & boombastic. A commentary on the state of the world & the human condition. Enjoy! 

All the trax were constructed using Reason & recorded using Protools. All guitar samples are royalty free.”    -mnolo