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Comeback Kids :: Chisme Reconnects For ‘Still Breathing’


Not that they were ever actually ‘gone’, but after putting in work on individual efforts across a handful of states, Progeny and R.E.L. better known as Chisme, have put together their highly anticipated 5th release, Still Breathing.  While focusing on the aforementioned efforts, the two found time to travel and connect over the past couple of years to continue creating, and in all honesty, their individual growth has resulted in a collective sense of pride and confidence that jumps out of the speakers at the listener.  I can’t wait to see these cats start performing some of these tracks, as the album energy is infectious, the lyrics dance around the textured tracks, and anyone not nodding their head is either fronting or deaf.  Dig it, share this one around for others to do the same, and support your local creatives!


Double Singles :: R.E.L. And Bryan Hamilton Release Lead Singles For ‘SUMMER HEAT’




These days, the members of Chisme may not be in the same location, but that’s not stopping they’re individual creative drives.  R.E.L., for example, is still keeping his verbal blades sharp, and some production assistance from Bryan Hamilton has led to the impending release of SUMMER HEAT.  In order to prepare us for the new project, the duo has released a pair of lead singles… the mellow banger PURGATORY, and the slightly off-kilter funk of It’s Fresh Outside (featuring guest bars from Apaso).  If these two songs are any indication of the quality of SUMMER HEAT, I think we’re all in for something special… check out these singles where you download or stream music, and keep an ear open for the full project!


Spread Love :: Chisme Drops In On Radio Concuss

Earlier this year, the homies Chisme out of San Antonio hit the road, and among their stops was Seattle.  While out there exploring, one of their stops was Radio Concuss, and the fellas blessed the station with a live performance that was wonderfully captured.  Check it… dynamite stuff.


Manifest Movements :: Chisme’s ‘Nada Tengo’ Released Via Fake Four’s Freecember


What a wonderful December it’s been for my independent creative peers.  This Christmas Eve finds the homies at Fake Four releasing Nada Tengo by Chisme (also the homies) for Freecember Week 3.  Seeing REL and Progeny release their collective boom-bap magic on the same label that has signed Alligator Food and Perseph One brings me joy of the highest degree for the Texas independent hip-hop scene.  Maybe one day, if I get my musical act together in an evolved status, I may see about joining the movement.  It should go without saying, but make sure to cop this project, and take a moment to make sure your friends do the same.


Big Things :: Chisme’s ‘Nada Tengo’ Prepares Itself For Fake Four’s Freecember

It’s been a while since I heard from the homies Chisme.  At first, I was hoping that they hadn’t gone the route of so many other indie groups and thrown in the towel on their joureny, but I was ready to accept that reality if that was the case.  Then, out of the blue, 2 good bits of news dropped.  First and foremost, the teaser trailer posted above let me know that they had a new project on the way in the form of Nada Tengo.  As I read a bit further, I realized that I had not heard from Chisme because they had signed to Fake Four, and were prepping this release for Fake Four‘s annual holiday season promotion known as Freecember.  On December 23, this project will be available via Fake Four, so make sure to mark that date and give yourself a little holiday cheer in the form of what is sure to be a banger of an album.


Psychadelic Reflections – Chisme’s ‘Squid Or Octopus’

Chisme‘s latest audio-visual, Squid or Octopus, finds them doing what they do best… making great tunes and representing where they’re from.  Dig it, share it, and who knows, you may even ‘like’ like it.


You Might As Well :: Chisme And Graves33 Collab On “Jump”

While on a recent Texas tour, Seattle native Graves33 took the time to share his visual gift with the homeboys Chisme out of San Antonio.  Jump is the first video off of their recent release It’s OK To Dream, and it’s beautifully haunting.  Check it out for yourselves…


The Christmas Bonus :: Progeny Drops ‘An Eerie Holiday Special’

Progeny is already thinking 2014 on this one… hell, this may jam the rest of the year… Christmas in July banger, anybody?


Get Acquired :: Mexican Stepgrandfather And R.E.L.’s “Homework EP” Now Available

from the digital desk of A.T.P. :

MEX STEP is part of Third Root.  REL is part of Chisme.  Together they made the HOMEWORK EP.  Although they have worked together before, this is the first official MEX STEP and REL project.”