Big Things :: Chisme’s ‘Nada Tengo’ Prepares Itself For Fake Four’s Freecember

It’s been a while since I heard from the homies Chisme.  At first, I was hoping that they hadn’t gone the route of so many other indie groups and thrown in the towel on their joureny, but I was ready to accept that reality if that was the case.  Then, out of the blue, 2 good bits of news dropped.  First and foremost, the teaser trailer posted above let me know that they had a new project on the way in the form of Nada Tengo.  As I read a bit further, I realized that I had not heard from Chisme because they had signed to Fake Four, and were prepping this release for Fake Four‘s annual holiday season promotion known as Freecember.  On December 23, this project will be available via Fake Four, so make sure to mark that date and give yourself a little holiday cheer in the form of what is sure to be a banger of an album.


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