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Love Streams :: The ARE Connects With Bavu Blakes, Sivion And NickNack For ‘S.L.Y.’

From the digital desk of Illect Recordings :

Back in his long-haired heyday, Michael Bolton proclaimed that “love is such a wonderful thing”.  That man has never lied.  The wordplay rings true to this day.  Anyway, do yourself a solid.  Look in the mirror and repeat: “somebody loves you”.  Let’s do this.

“On S.L.Y., Sivion, Bavu Blakes, The ARE and NickNack check in on their strong friends (each other).  The result of their digital palavers is this syrupy and snappy jam that will lay the smackdown on lockdown.  The ARE‘s production is fresher and funkier than fish wrapped in foil.  The way that synths and percussion pops and drops will make you clap to this.  Toe taps and finger snaps are included.  Sivion and Bavu Blakes know it’s all about the love as they drop healthy servings of home-cooked happiness and reflection.  On the first verse, Sivion confesses that he’s “guilty of a lot of things I had to unlearn”.  Cancel culture be damned!  Self-accountability is a superpower, and Sivion is Black Superman.  On the closing verse, Bavu Blakes whips up some wicked wordplay with lines like “life moves in cycles, are you backpedalling?:.  Questions deserve answers, and we all need to know.  You, most importantly.

Whatever your love language is, there is a lot to love about music when the loving is this good.”

Definitely don’t sleep on this goodness.  Share it around, and cop it while it’s ‘name your price’… maybe even donate a buck or two!


Comeback Kids :: Chisme Reconnects For ‘Still Breathing’


Not that they were ever actually ‘gone’, but after putting in work on individual efforts across a handful of states, Progeny and R.E.L. better known as Chisme, have put together their highly anticipated 5th release, Still Breathing.  While focusing on the aforementioned efforts, the two found time to travel and connect over the past couple of years to continue creating, and in all honesty, their individual growth has resulted in a collective sense of pride and confidence that jumps out of the speakers at the listener.  I can’t wait to see these cats start performing some of these tracks, as the album energy is infectious, the lyrics dance around the textured tracks, and anyone not nodding their head is either fronting or deaf.  Dig it, share this one around for others to do the same, and support your local creatives!


Soulful Sounds :: hERON Releases Self-Titled Debut


My man Progeny has been big-upping Rob Castro for ages, well before he even made it known that he would eventually be moving up to Seattle for full-time collaboration.  The two had collaborated on Ghost Palace music in the past, but there was always a sense that something else was brewing just below the surface.  Enter hERON, and the self-titled debut album… this instrumental project takes you on a real trip through some ethereal planes.  Every groove is on point, and the songs stand alone well while also holding up the entire project as a collective thought.  I highly recommend supporting these guys in hopes that there is more dopeness in store for all of us.


Sure Shots :: D.O.S. X Pale Soul Release ‘Derringer Arts’ EP


When it comes to quality hip-hop in the ATX, there’s a handful of names you can always count on.  One of those, for many years, has been D.O.S.  This time around, he’s collaborated on an EP with Seattle based producer Pale Soul, and the outcome is the memorable Derringer Arts.  This is what hip-hop is all about.. raw honesty spilled over dope music.  Name your own price is always a good option for an album, but this is worth your money as well as your time.  Check it out, spread the word, and support local while you think global.