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Sure Shots :: D.O.S. X Pale Soul Release ‘Derringer Arts’ EP


When it comes to quality hip-hop in the ATX, there’s a handful of names you can always count on.  One of those, for many years, has been D.O.S.  This time around, he’s collaborated on an EP with Seattle based producer Pale Soul, and the outcome is the memorable Derringer Arts.  This is what hip-hop is all about.. raw honesty spilled over dope music.  Name your own price is always a good option for an album, but this is worth your money as well as your time.  Check it out, spread the word, and support local while you think global.



The Ill Elements :: D.O.S. And Friends Get ‘Too Raw’

You already know the drill… D.O.S., Crew54, Jamar Equality, production by Ruler Why, and a bunch of guest appearances in the video?  Too Raw is exactly that… raw beat, raw bars and raw visuals from the talented cats at DVZN Media.  Automatic dopeness.


Righteous, ‘Cause :: The ‘Michelle Alexander’ Remix


from the digital desk of Third Root:

‘Even though some of the content of this remix speaks critically to current events, the ideas and conversations that went into producing and writing this song took place before the Ferguson, Garner, and Brooklyn tragedies.  The insight of the poets involved is honest, revolutionary, and seemingly prophetic.  This remix is a FREE download.  The original version of Michelle Alexander was inspired by Alexander‘s book The New Jim Crow and appears on Third Root and Greg G‘s 2014 album Revolutionary Theme Music.’


Genuine Articles :: D.O.S. X Spit Gemz Are ‘Authentic”

A brand new D.O.S. banger, with the assist from Spit Gemz straight out of NYAuthentic is another in a long line of classic Ruler Why productions, and this video was born out of a trip Uptown by D.O.S., and now we’ve been blessed.  Share it, and support these cats.


Rap City Status :: D.O.S. Stays ‘Focused’

Loving this video from D.O.S.  The beat is by Ruler Why, so you already know it’s a banger.  The video feels like 1992, 1993 or so… right before Hype Williams took over the visual landscape.  Somewhere in the realm of the original Nas videos, or the comeback era Kool G Rap videos.  Either way, it’s dope, and there are some familiar faces (and masked faces) sprinkled throughout.


MLK Day Celebration :: Cypher at the ND

From the digital desk of Eric Morgan (Crew 54):

I caught this piece of a freestyle cipher last night after the show in front of the ND. Raps by D.O.S., Dubb Sicks, Flynn D, Virt and Tray God, with beats by Bryte Blaqu and random other folks. TABLET LIFE SWAG.