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Soulful Sounds :: hERON Releases Self-Titled Debut


My man Progeny has been big-upping Rob Castro for ages, well before he even made it known that he would eventually be moving up to Seattle for full-time collaboration.  The two had collaborated on Ghost Palace music in the past, but there was always a sense that something else was brewing just below the surface.  Enter hERON, and the self-titled debut album… this instrumental project takes you on a real trip through some ethereal planes.  Every groove is on point, and the songs stand alone well while also holding up the entire project as a collective thought.  I highly recommend supporting these guys in hopes that there is more dopeness in store for all of us.


True Grit :: Ghost Palace Drops ‘Vampires’ Visual

Ghost Palace stays putting in work.  Like, to a ridiculous degree.  Emcee Evolve and beatsmith Progeny are currently putting the finishing touches on their latest project, Road To Nowhere (Still Running), which should see the light of day come November.  The first single and video, Vampires, is the standard dose of dope you’d expect from these guys.  Props to Seattle artistic mastermind Graves 33 on the direction of this video.


Darkest Light :: Ghost Palace’s ‘Pushing Through Darkness’ Now Available


Ghost Palace are a dope combination that somehow manages to be severely dope while still showing infinite promise with each step they take.  Pushing Through Darkness is a brief but powerful journey through the mind of MC Evolve that exists in the sonic landscape provided by beatsmith Progeny.  Beats and bars… that’s hip hop.  These guys do it damn well.


Cold Facts :: ‘Piggy’ By Ghost Palace

New music has hit the streets from Ghost Palace, and it’s got crosshairs dead set on the temperature of the streets right now.  At the risk of depressing myself, I will not list the amount of American citizens that have fallen victim to policing in the recent past, but know that Piggy serves as a deep look at the ills of those meant to protect and serve.  Required viewing if you don’t understand why people are upset right now.


Stand Alone Theory :: Ghost Palace’s ‘Misanthrope’ Video

Ghost Palace, a great mix of solid production and deeply introspective lyricism, provides a nice visual statement of that balance with their latest video, Misanthrope.  It speaks for itself, so take a moment and let it speak to you.


You’ve Been Warned :: Ghost Palace Says ‘Life Ain’t Sweet (Run)’

Evolve on the verses, Progeny on the beats.  That’s a match you can’t front on.  I suggest getting hip ASAP… throw a share in there too.