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Prismatic Effect :: Ernest Gonzales Releases ‘Dreaming In Color’


One amazing thing about an Ernest Gonzales record is how much of a journey each listen is.  Many of us producers struggle to have our instrumentals be as vibrant and full of life as vocals on a song.  On the breathtaking Dreaming In ColorErnest Gozales makes each song take beautifully subtle twists and turns.  They unfold out of themselves, like a flower opening up to receive sunlight, and build into wonderfully playful expressions.  I highly recommend this album, and look forward to incorporating many of the songs into my DJ arsenal.  A sure fire winner from the Exponential Records camp.



Beyond Beautiful :: ‘Peaks And Valleys’ Audio-Visual For Ernest Gonzalez

San Antonio beatsmith Ernest Gonzalez was contacted a little over a year ago by Australian filmmaker Roger Scott.  A chance meeting based on a listen of Gonzalez’s music led to inspiration from the other side of the planet.  Recently, that meeting online culminated with one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen on ANY level.  Enjoy:


Uncovered Gems :: Ernest Gonzalez Rediscovers “Glass Pyramids”

from the digital desk of Ernest Gonzales:

“Started going through my hard drive today, deleting old virtual memories and creations…stumbled across an unreleased track. It is titled Glass Pyramids which is a title I ended up using on While on Saturn’s Rings however when I listened to it…the track was something completely different. This track is super chill and must have been made around 2006 or so. Enjoy!”



Remix Potential Exponential :: Ernest Gonzales And DNTEL Remix “When Synchronicity Prevails”

I’ve probably said it before, but let me state it again : Ernest Gonzales is always on point.  This time, DNTEL took a swing at When Synchronicity Prevails from the recent Friends Of Friends release Natural Traits.  They even threw in some truly old school getdown footage for you.


Ernest Gonzales :: A Busy Man

For those familiar, and for the rest of the unaware, San Antonio’s incomparable Ernest Gonzales has released Natural Traits, an instrumental gem.  Friends of Fiends music currently has a 2 LP + 1 CD bundle (which includes this release) for a mere $15.  Dig what they have to say about the newness:

“Gonzales’ latest is an album that blends his gift for melodic songwriting with his understanding of electronic craftsmanship. Free of samples, Gonzales juxtaposes live instrumentation with classic electronic tropes to produce tracks that float, flit, bump, and pulse with grace and subdued movement.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Gonzales has also released a 2 song collection on Bandcamp with his Mexicans With Guns side project.  Smile Now, Cry Later is an ode to soul of the 50s and 60s with a fresh update (and about as dope as that description was cliche).  If that’s not enough for you, dig this… it’s FREE!



Ernest Gonzales :: More Audio-Visual Creations

My man Ernest Gonzales at Exponential is killing things with the visuals lately.  Here’s another innovative short from the man himself:

The Voice of Fate ( I ♥ You )

Fate /fāt/ – noun : The development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.” – Marcus Aurelius

Artist : Ernest Gonzales
Song : The Voice of Fate
Album : Natural Traits
Label : FoF Music

Shot and Edited by Ernest Gonzales.


Short Film :: Modern Day Gathering

(taken from antipop : art & music by Ernest Gonzales)

A short film about modern day hunting and gathering with my tribe.
Shot and edited by Ernest Gonzales, November 2011.
Music by AIR.