Ernest Gonzales :: A Busy Man

For those familiar, and for the rest of the unaware, San Antonio’s incomparable Ernest Gonzales has released Natural Traits, an instrumental gem.  Friends of Fiends music currently has a 2 LP + 1 CD bundle (which includes this release) for a mere $15.  Dig what they have to say about the newness:

“Gonzales’ latest is an album that blends his gift for melodic songwriting with his understanding of electronic craftsmanship. Free of samples, Gonzales juxtaposes live instrumentation with classic electronic tropes to produce tracks that float, flit, bump, and pulse with grace and subdued movement.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Gonzales has also released a 2 song collection on Bandcamp with his Mexicans With Guns side project.  Smile Now, Cry Later is an ode to soul of the 50s and 60s with a fresh update (and about as dope as that description was cliche).  If that’s not enough for you, dig this… it’s FREE!




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