Dropping Topics :: Wyld Gents Podcast Drops A Gem With Episode #19 ‘Real Hip Hop Fans Are The Worst’


Everybody already knows that Crew54 can chop it up with the best of them on any topic.  They prove it time and time again with each new episode of the Wyld Gents podcast.  For episode 19, the title Real Hip Hop Fans Are The Worst is incredibly appropriate.  M.o.S. and GChrist are known for their strong stance on those fixed in their ways when it comes to hip hop, and they’re able to eloquently lay down how hypocritical and short-sighted that stance can be, as well as how it can ultimately stunt the creative growth of the culture.  I love what these guys are doing, and one of these days I’d love to try and hold my own as a guest on this hilarious podcast… hilarious, but always thought provoking.


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