Verbal Assault :: Crew54 & CientifiQ Drop The Long-Awaited ‘Slap Rapz 2’


There are some things in this life you can count on.  You can count on the sun to rise in the east and set in the west.  You can count on most politicians to keep their own self interests above those of their constituency.  Most importantly, you can count on Crew54 to always lace listeners with bars on bars on bars over rock solid beats.  The guys have been talking up Slap Rapz 2, a collaboration with producer CientifiQ, for quite a while, but the wait has been well worth it.  If you find yourself expecting run of the mill quality because these cats are ‘local’, go ahead and slap yourself for being shortsighted.  These tracks could fall right in line with anything currently playing on the radio, TV, and so on… the songs are structured tight, the wordplay is enticing, and the chemistry between Crew54CientifiQ and the featured artists is volatile in the best ways.  Definitely an early contender for tops of 2018.



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