Taking Flight :: Poolboi Blu And J Brodsnax Reconnect For ‘Schwifty’ Video

poolboi blu may be moving forward in terms of constantly dropping new music, but that has not been at the expense of continuing to promote his recent standout EP, horseplay.  In his efforts to create a music video for each track, poolboi blu and video collaborator j brodsnax decided to delegate 3 of the project’s 6 tracks to j brodsnax.  The latest selection, Schwifty, just hit the airwaves, and it’s a psychedelic spin through prisoners in confinement still managing to find expressive and positive outlets via showing their skill in a dunk contest.  The hypnotizing track works well in tandem with the slow motion, washed out and color drenched footage, slightly hypnotizing you and making the just over 2 minute long track breeze by.  Word on the street is that the duo has one more video under their sleeves, so hopefully they unveil it for us sooner than later.



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