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Taking Flight :: Poolboi Blu And J Brodsnax Reconnect For ‘Schwifty’ Video

poolboi blu may be moving forward in terms of constantly dropping new music, but that has not been at the expense of continuing to promote his recent standout EP, horseplay.  In his efforts to create a music video for each track, poolboi blu and video collaborator j brodsnax decided to delegate 3 of the project’s 6 tracks to j brodsnax.  The latest selection, Schwifty, just hit the airwaves, and it’s a psychedelic spin through prisoners in confinement still managing to find expressive and positive outlets via showing their skill in a dunk contest.  The hypnotizing track works well in tandem with the slow motion, washed out and color drenched footage, slightly hypnotizing you and making the just over 2 minute long track breeze by.  Word on the street is that the duo has one more video under their sleeves, so hopefully they unveil it for us sooner than later.


Moving On :: Poolboi Blu Connects With Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice For ‘Cloudy’ Music Video

It’s been a long time coming, but poolboi blu and Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice have reconnected!  After poolboi blu‘s starring role in Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice‘s second short film, HELP ME, the two have been scheming on working together again.  The opportunity has presented itself in the form of cloudy, the second single from poolboi blu‘s latest release, horseplay.  The song and video are an exploration on learning to embrace the moment even when memories of the past remain.  Check it out, share it, give it a like, leave a comment, etc. etc., and let us know if you want more Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice directed videos for future poolboi blu output.


Synesthetic Dive :: Poolboi Blu And J Brodsnax Collab For ‘Ringtone’ Visuals

The music of poolboi blu can sometimes feel deeper than just your standard boom bap or new jack swing-esque production.  The homeboy has a way of creating sonic textures and landscapes that are emotionally evocative.  Therefore, seeing what j brodsnax put together for the ringtone music video was a pleasant surprise.  The visuals work subtly with the notes that chase one another around the high hats and drums that poolboi blu sequences, even throwing a few visual riddles into the mix.  Definitely worth your time, likes and shares.  Also, get hip to horseplay if you haven’t already, because there’s more video work coming…


Rough Housing :: Poolboi Blu Drops The Long Anticipated ‘Horseplay’ EP


poolboi blu knows how important it is to keep pumping out new material, and for that new material to push your sound forward.  Without growth, there’s no reason to keep up with the artists that we love and support.  horseplay finds poolboi blu getting extremely comfortable with his sample usage over rhythms that are both upbeat and airy.  Many of the samples are familiar and bring a smile to my face, but the way that they are mixed in gives them a haunting feel.  horseplay is a good course adjustment after the extremely solid chocolat, and it is a good indicator of more positive output in the future.