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Infectious Sound :: Feedback Alliance Releases ‘Quarantine’ Compilation


For those unfamiliar with Feedback Alliance, the collective consists of a talent-filled roster of producers who exchange sample packs regularly in order to see what range of creativity can come from a similar foundation.  With self-isolation still going strong through most of the nation, the fellas put together Quarantine, a compilation of tracks using quarantine as the unifying theme (obviously).  With such a broad but dominant theme to work with, as well as the normal stipulations and limitations lifted, the members of Feedback Alliance that contributed to the compilation were really allowed to spread their wings, resulting in a very lush, diverse and expressive soundscape.  If you’ve got a streaming service, seek this one out and thank me later.



Fallen Soldier :: In Memory Of King Art


Over the weekend, news of the passing of Austin hip-hop fixture King Art rocked the community.  King Art was known for being one of the most down to earth, supportive and genuinely nicest members of the community.  The outpouring of love and condolences was massive, a true testament to how many lives King Art touched.  Feedback Alliance dropped a mix of King Art acapellas over new production a couple of years ago, and in light of King Art‘s passing, it seemed appropriate to share this one again.  King Art was in the process of putting together an event to give local DJs shine, and he was curating a project full of collaborations with himself and other local artists that he was planning to release.

On a personal note, he’d reached out to me about a recent gig of mine, but was unable to make it due to the timing.  I had no idea that’d be the last time I talked to him… life is precious, and fleeting.  Be sure that the people who love and support you know that you feel the same, and rest in peace to a vital member of the Austin hip-hop community.


Textured Soundscapes :: ‘Miluseon’ by Miyavé Is A Sonic Journey


Miyavé of LardeoTexas (and Feedback Alliance member) clocked in right at the end of 2017 with a truly amazing miniblast.  Miluseon is one of the more textured and expressive electronic releases I’ve heard of late, comparable to the likes of Kinder or Yppah.  There are many other releases on his Bandcamp page (which I plan on looking into shortly), but this gem was too good to not share in regards to an already memorable year, now set aside for the hopes and possibilities of 2018.  I’m sure we’ll hear more from Miyavé, his peers, and scores of other creatives, and I am excited to see and hear what lies in wait.


More Hits! :: Now That’s What I Call FeAls Vol. 1


Once a week, a group of innovate producers from Texas and beyond, collective known as Feedback Alliance, receive the following : a sample pack, an assigned BPM, and minimal instructions.  From there, magic is made, and a weekly mix is loaded to their Soundcloud page.  And, as one would assume, it’s always dope.

The fellas have decided to create Now That’s What I Call FeAls Vol. 1, a compilation created to celebrate the group and their approach to keeping their music making tools and senses sharp.  Check it out, keep up with these guys, and get your weekly dose of audio amazing.



Art Official Intelligence :: ‘Niraya’ By Android Genius

Live from Houston comes recent Exploded Drawing performer and Feedback Alliance cohort Android Genius.  I’m a little late on Niraya, but, as they say, better late than never.  If boom-bap hip hop was made by a sentient android, it would be a step in the direction of what Android Genius is doing with his tunes.  Definitely worth your time, and a refreshing approach to Texas hip hop and electronic music composition.  Dig it and dig it good, share it, and go ahead and cop that (it’s $2 for christ sakes).


FeAl Flows :: Feedback Alliance Makes Beautiful Noise

Are you hip to Feedback Alliance yet?  Here’s the premise… a producer makes a sample pack available.  He sets a BPM, and he assigns a transitional element.  A collective of producers take said sample pack, transitional element and BPM assignment, and they go to town.  The results are mixed into one beautiful trip.

You’re welcome.