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Mind Melt :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice + Lo Phi Call On Jeffrey Garcia For ‘Crying Freeman’ Video

After a couple of low key releases the past couple of years, it’s nice to be doing things properly for 2019 once again.  In the wake of Lo Phi and myself collaborating on Uncanny Valley, I felt it was only proper that the album be given at least one music video to accompany it.  Enter mad genius Jeffrey Garcia, who got with me over the holidays (as well as his band of collaborators you can find in the projects at his Jeffy’s Playhouse YouTube channel) and created a visual blitz to match the sonic assault to the senses that is Crying Freeman.  I’m very happy with the quality of the video and the initial reception, and I’m hoping that the rest of you are impressed by the work that Jeffrey Garcia put in for this one.  If you dig it, share it around, leave it a like and a comment, and go check out the entire album on Bandcamp (and all other music services beginning roughly around January 15).


Big Adventure :: ‘MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE’ From Jeffrey Garcia And Company

Jeffrey Garcia and the gang are back at it again.  This time around, the project is a faux-TV pilot titled MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE, and it stars several familiar faces from the world of the Jeffy’s Playhouse YouTube channel.  The show has plenty of offbeat humor, and the look falls somewhere between the BBC version of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy and Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show.  Even though the project is supposedly faux, it’d be nice to see the gang pop up again for more adventures.


Uncontrollable Urge :: Jeffrey Garcia Keeps It Coming With ‘Sunflower’

After a relatively strong 2016, San Marcos-based filmmaker Jeffrey Garcia has been in rapid attack mode via a series of short projects released in the last couple of months.  The latest is sunflower, starring Bri Lee of Lambchop fame, and Jeffrey Garcia also makes a brief appearance in this one.  The future seems to hold nothing but entertainment for us that are staying in the know about Jeffy’s Playhouse.


Two Lovers :: Dream-Atomic Productions Releases ‘Lampchop’

Another classic from Jeffrey Garcia and Dream-Atomic Productions.  Lambchop is the story of two lovers (although not in love with one another) and their respective journeys dealing with the way love guides them through life.  This marks Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice‘s first time in a starring role!  Enjoy, share, subscribe to Jeffy’s Playhouse on YouTube and like/comment on Lambchop.


Jeffy’s Playhouse :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice On The Jeffrey Garcia Show

Fellow San Marcos resident and San Marcos Cinema Club member Jeffrey Garcia is known for his wonderful show that he produces for the Jeffy’s Playhouse YouTube channel.  For episode 4 of season 2, I paid a visit and performed New Zulu Zandu off of my latest album, Transition Man.  Check it out!