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Uncontrollable Urge :: Jeffrey Garcia Keeps It Coming With ‘Sunflower’

After a relatively strong 2016, San Marcos-based filmmaker Jeffrey Garcia has been in rapid attack mode via a series of short projects released in the last couple of months.  The latest is sunflower, starring Bri Lee of Lambchop fame, and Jeffrey Garcia also makes a brief appearance in this one.  The future seems to hold nothing but entertainment for us that are staying in the know about Jeffy’s Playhouse.



Two Lovers :: Dream-Atomic Productions Releases ‘Lampchop’

Another classic from Jeffrey Garcia and Dream-Atomic Productions.  Lambchop is the story of two lovers (although not in love with one another) and their respective journeys dealing with the way love guides them through life.  This marks Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice‘s first time in a starring role!  Enjoy, share, subscribe to Jeffy’s Playhouse on YouTube and like/comment on Lambchop.