Making Moods :: Flobama Connects With Ayuma For ‘Big Ol’ Steps’

Most any ‘old head’ hip-hop fan remembers a time when jazz and hip-hop were tied deeply to one another.  This pairing, be it one born from inspiration or comparison, is one that has been rich with creative output for nearly 3 decades now.  Short of Madlib and a handful of other producers, however, most hip-hop tracks that land in the jazz realm are made in the vein of jazz, rather than being outright covers.  Flobama and Ayuma, however, have proven they aren’t afraid to make that forward step (no pun intended), and this proof is found in Big Ol’ Steps, and extremely funky cover of the John Coltrane classic Giant Steps.  Whether or not you’re familiar with the original, I urge you to check out this classic for yourself… give it a listen, a share, and if you feel like supporting, maybe even a download with a donation.



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