Smart Money :: Riders Against the Storm (RAS) Present ‘OverUnder’ Video

It’s late August, and in Austin that means folks are gearing up for RAS Day, a celebration of the Austin-based powerhouse that is Riders Against the Storm, all that they do for the community, and the overwhelming positive energy they’ve brought to the music scene.  With this year’s RAS Day gearing up to be something special, it’s only fitting that the duo dropped a new song and video in preparation.  OverUnder finds RAS waxing poetic on taking action and not being passive in regards to both your support of and your contributions to your culture, hip hop or otherwise.  The video is a simpler affair than past videos, but still effective with it’s striking color palette and it’s portrait-esque portrayal of RAS and friends.  Tracks like these hit that much hard with RAS laying them down, as you can almost feel the ‘walk it like I talk it’ mentality emitting from their lyrics.  The fact that the track, a collaboration with Walker Lukens for his Song Confessional music project, was conceived, written and produced in two hours is a testament to that realness, as well as the message of not accepting limitations in your quest.  Great work from a great squad doing great things.



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