ShuffleCast 001

Periodically, great groupings of music come together on my iPod.  This podcast is meant to share those with the community of music lovers that I am a part of.  These songs serve as both entertainment and inspiration for me… perhaps they can do the same for someone else.  If these songs remind you of someone, don’t hesitate to let them know about this service I provide.  Now that my radio days are over, I need an outlet to let people know about good music in a non-mix format.


Track Listing:

1. Pablo’s Cruise – The Avalanches
2. The Day The Niggaz Took Over – Dr. Dre
3. Funky Boss – Beastie Boys
4. Ceremony – New Order
5. Liquorland – Mighty Casey
6. Frosty Junction – John Spencer Blues Explosion
7. Beginner’s Falafel – Flying Lotus
8. Chicago Falcon – Budos Band



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