Spotlight on News : sPYhOP and The Underground Post

San Marcos has been a wealth of inspiration… the town is full of musicians, artists, young business owners, aspiring politicians and otherwise creative people.  One community it lacked, however, was a community of solid DJs.

Meeting sPYhOP put an end to my solo journey as a San Marcos DJ.  An enlightened spirit who shares a passion for music similar to mine, he is a purist through and through.  sPYhOP truly encompasses the working class hero : he is a family man, a student, an on-air personality, an aspiring graphic novelist, and a first-rate independent journalist.

I had the pleasure to help him begin his pet project, The Underground Post.  Originally a print publication, it has grown into an online hub for all things involving art, music and culture.  sPYhOP also stepped in for DJ Crown as a member of Electric Mayhem, and he throws down every Monday night at Triple Crown using vinyl only.

Take a second to peek into the world of sPYhOP, and I promise that you will not be disappointed.  Who knows, you may even be inspired to be heard as well.



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