Spotlight on Art : caioneach and dutchslavetrade

taken from the dutchslavetrade blog:

One day in 2002, I was moving and had taken a break to go to the store. I ran into my friend Greg  and asked him if he would help me move my organ into my moving van after he got off work. I gave him this painting for his assistance. I Like Andy Warhol in Blackface…so named in tribute to Larry River’s 1970 piece I Like Olympia in Blackface. I’m currently working on recreating this on a larger scale so that it incorporates a stronger Warholian aspect.

taken from caioneach‘s Facebook page:

: ” I think I should dial this mojo down a bit.”

: ” If the rapture was happening. I’m not sure I would know, most of the people I deal with are secular minded anyway. I mean a few of you are god fearing but we don’t talk much….I do live near a bunch of churches so that may tip me off.”

: “you, my friend, are the face of evil. Please have this dollar to insure my safe passage.”

: “now comes that ole jingle jangle of jingoism.”

dig the art:

Commute, 2008

Everyone Is Afraid of Falling Backwards, 2009

Isobella DeLuca Is Focused (sketch v2), 2011

This Is What You Want…This Is What You Get, (2001)

California MCMLXXIV And MMVI, (2008)

Please take a moment to travel through the wonderful and constantly updated world of dutchslavetrade.  Good views, both optically and mentally.



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