A Word on Electric Mayhem

For almost a decade, I have had the pleasure of knowing that I never have to go a week without at least one gig.  Electric Mayhem has definitely been a godsend, and I am proud that we still do it weekly to this day.

Electric Mayhem serves as a sort of therapy… it allows me time to make sense of the mass amount of music I have been exposed to.  Dots are connected amongst songs, styles and artists.  Hits of yesterday and today are given a chance to flex their muscle, and forgotten or unknown gems get a chance to shine.  All who witness leave either entertained or educated.

I bring TheDoomsdayDevice with me, including a Serato setup, MIDI controller and Korg Kaoss Pad.  My partner in crime, sPYhOP, sticks with the traditional DJ setup of turntables, mixer, and tons of vinyl.  Having been friends before our working relationship began, the chemistry between us is as natural as can be, and half of the entertainment is watching us work with each other.

You can catch us at the end of June in Austin at Plush:

We can also be found every Monday night at Triple Crown:

See you space cowboy!



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