Spotlight on RapAndPaint : Emcee Eats (Vincent Martinez)

Originality is king… in today’s world, you’ve gotta be multitalented, you’ve gotta do it well, and you’ve gotta go big.  Over the years, one member of the Austin area community continues to push (and/or blur) the lines between hip-hop and art, and that man is Emcee Eats.

First, the music.  The flow is dope.  The beat selection is ill.  The content is multi-layered and mandatory of multiple listens, because each listen brings forth new elements.  Imagine Busta Rhymes via Jackson Pollack.  Descriptions, however, truly cannot do the music justice… only a listen can:

Then, there’s the art… the range and scope of his vision has yet to be quantified.  Any object is a blank slate, yet the training and technique of college bring forth works worth hanging in your home.  The influences are as vast (in my opinion) as Picasso, yet as recent as Basquiat, or even Stephen Powers.  Graf mindstate with gallery aesthetics, and the attitude of an MC.  Definitely, a force to be reckoned with.



By the way, Eats is gonna catch wreck on the opening track of the upcoming It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, my new LP.  Dig.


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