I’ve been digging through LOTS of old footage lately.  Lots of memories.  I found a performance of DKC from the late 90s… a Kwanzaa celebration thrown by The Nation of Islam.  It was refreshing to see where things all started again… some of the crew is no longer with us anymore (RIP GiGi), and some of the crew has moved on and lost touch with one another.  It seems like we were destined to follow in the words of NOOK from so long ago…

“You made a move unanticipated, but that’s what happens when you make that seperation… Good things change.”

There have definitely been some unanticipated moves made in my music career… some by me, some done by others that effected me.  Regardless of what has happened in the past, I am glad that I am here today, and I am able to share my thoughts and feelings about my experiences on this crazy planet with the rest of you out there, whether it be via music, art, or this website.

I appreciate all of the support from all of my friends, worldwide.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about each and everyone of you.  Joni Mitchell “sees something of herself in everyone, just at this moment in the world”.  Feist can feel it all.  I believe I fall somewhere in-between… we’re all sharing this experience, my friends.

See you, space cowboy.



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