Brown and Black

Normally, I keep this blog based strictly on entertainment, not on issues.  This morning, however, I learned about the incident between Katt Williams and a Phoenix heckler.  For those who do not know what I am talking about:

At first glance, for any fan of comedy, this would seem normal fare both for a comedian dealing with a heckler, and Katt Williams specifically.  Anyone who has ever seen a Katt Williams performance knows that: A) he is extremely unapologetic about the stances he takes, B) he is extremely quick witted, and C) he will take his thoughts to an extreme degree.

What I find ridiculous is how this has become a racial issue.  Arizona’s recent history of anti-brown laws is wrong, but it is completely non-relevant to a Katt Williams stand-up show.  To call Katt Williams anti-Mexican is to create a scapegoat for a bigger issue.  To call him xenophobic completely overlooks the fact that he defended his country towards someone who claims that Phoenix is Mexico because of its overwhelmingly large brown population.

I have been caught up all day in the response via the YouTube nation… here are some of the ones I found intriguing.








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