Spotlight on Crews : (RAS) Riders Against the Storm

Two souls…two healers…two emcees…two lovers…two souls… ON A MISSION!

A few months back, I had the pleasure of playing a show/birthday party in Austin with several acts, DJs and graf artists.  There was a wide variety of music, and the night was memorable, but one group left a lasting impression, and that group was (RAS) Riders Against The Storm.

Formed by husband and wife team Jbro and Tiger Lily, this crew is as much a movement as it is a hip-hop group.  The two exude social awareness, family values and knowledge of self so effortlessly, yet efficiently, that you are permanently changed by experiencing them.  The music is both ahead of it’s time and a callback to the golden age.  The stage show is on the money… visually and emotionally stimulating.

There are many things currently happening within the world of (RAS).  Both of their albums are currently free on their BandCamp site.  The website currently host the I AM TROY DAVIS blog series, a tribute to the life and death of Troy Davis, through the eyes and experience of another individual.  Their Willis and Tameka skits have been recently used to educate about the Prison Industrial Complex :

Please take the time to keep (RAS) on your radar… big things are in store from this crew, and they deserve all of it.



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