The Word Association :: what was, is, and will be…

This post is an attempt to clarify some misconceptions about The Word Association.  There seems to be a belief that The Word Association is “broken up”, but that is not the case.

In order to understand the current state, one must understand the past of the collective.  The Word Association began as a weekly creative outlet/think-tank, consisting of former .::liquidstereoproject members Omari Kamau and myself, Compound Abstract members Adlib Hopkins and The Ill Mathematical, and fellow San Marcos MCs JP The Volcanic Emcee, Enique and occasional guest colloborator Sigma Prime.  The collective was formed as a way to pool the resources of fan base, recording equipment and social networking that all members had acquired in their respective experiences.

As the creative output grew, the need to perform live allowed The Word Association to step out of the realm of artistic collective and into the world of performance.  As the shows compiled, and the buzz grew, membership expanded.. Jaysin and Muggzy Flowz joined the collective as MCs, and DJ Crown held down DJ duties.  The group scored a monthly showcase at Triple Crown which was dubbed Spread The Word, and this allowed the collective to provide a performance platform for artists/bands/groups that provided the same in their respective cities.  This form of collaboration eventually led to the most succesful branch from the tree of The Word Association, an intercontinental collaboration known as Binary Audio Misfits.

As a DIY collective, certain realities are inevitable.  Members have come and gone, and the misleading notion to think of The Word Association as simply a rap group has lead to many rumours of break ups, disbanding, etc.  As a founding member, I am here to state that THE WORD ASSOCIATION CANNOT BREAK UP.  The Word Association was never meant to be a band, or a group.  It is simply a safe haven for those who want to create with others and reach a higher artistic ground.  ALL MEMBERS, FORMER-PRESENT-FUTURE, represent The Word Association in all projects that they do, unless they state otherwise.

As long as I live and breath, however, The Word Association collective will continue to create.  For all artists looking for like-minded, forward thinking individuals to create with, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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