The Good, The Bad, The Ugly :: Da’Shade Moonbeam’s “Just Me (EP)

 “Just Me (EP)” by Da’Shade Moonbeam

IN A WORD OR TWO :: intelligent, honest, bold, warrior-poet


THE GOOD :: First and foremost, for an EP, this project is very well produced and shows lots of ambition.  The topics on this album cover a lot of varied ground… some familiar, some not so much.  Songs that some would consider as familiar territory are handled with a very grown up approach, and with a lot of honesty instead of imagery.  Songs that would be considered thematic are handled with the execution of a pro, and are downright cinematic.  Multiple listens are required for this EP, as familiarity will bring new rewards with each listen.  There is also a true embracement of the balance of the everyman throughout this album : the reality that everyone has a “street” side that must be ready to take care of and defend whom or whatever they love, and a “nerd” side that must be allowed to let their guard down and embrace their passions.

THE BAD :: The bad is truly a nitpick this time around… this album is WAY too short.  While I do understand the concept of an EP, I want more when I listen to this album.  I am happy that I have arrived in an enlightened place at the end of the listen, but I feel like I got to that place much sooner than I realized… ultimately, however, that is a pro, because it begs more listens.

THE UGLY :: While the venom is MOST DEFINITELY felt on the track “The Most Magnificent”there are one too many fecal images for me in the wordplay.  It’s funny and all, and I do get a kick out of it, but my line got tiptoed… maybe I’m getting old or something.

THE FINAL WORD :: Cop this album.  Go see Da’Shade live any chance you get.  Tell your friends to do the same.



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