Smart Rock :: Getting To Know Swamp Pocket

from the digital desk of Swamp Pocket:

“TAYLOR & CAMERON (aka – “T-Cam”) are childhood best friends from San Antonio… MARTY & ISHAQ (aka – “the twin towers”) both migrated South from the Dallas area after high school, ended up college roommates & best musical buds going on almost 20 years now… All four first convened in San Marcos in the 90s, born out of the same creative scene. In smaller pockets, this tribe of distinguished performers have certainly found ways to play together in many different forms over the years – BUT NEVER LIKE THIS, never these 4 particular dudes. Never did they dare cross their powerful streams at the exact same moment, for fear of how eardrums around the world would react to sounds as PERFECTLY KISMET as this… But the time has finally come! Now all four are grown-up, (pseudo)responsible married men; no longer wet-behind-the-ears, yet HUNGRIER THAN EVER BEFORE! Members of the Swamp Pocket constantly crave new funky auditory gems, tunes that no one else can create but them. Come listen in & join the adventure won’t you?”



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