Back To The Future :: “Days Of Future Past” By Willie Green

from the digital desk of Willie Green:

“I’ve got a lot of songs.

A lot like “200 in the past six years” a lot.

That’s what I told Mo Niklz when I asked him to mix this compilation for me. The idea of narrowing down this many songs to the best 30 was a bit daunting; we finally threw in the towel, leaving the final track count at 38. But hell, if those last eight were so good that we couldn’t keep them off, hopefully you’ll find a way to forgive us.

I gave Mo a lot of license picking which songs would make it;  I sent him a relatively short list of “must-includes” and told him to surprise me.  The result is a solid hour of some of my favorite cuts, along with some unheard gems, featuring Junclassic, Warren Britt, the Bronx up-and-comer Deshawn Supreme, and rap legend General Steele of Boot Camp Clik.

These are songs I either produced or remixed.  Every beat here is mine.  The download includes liner notes with stories about each song.  Many thanks to Backwoodz Studioz, and everyone involved in making these songs, as well as my many others.

I hope you enjoy.”



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