The Next Chapter :: Ceschi Is Free

from the digital desk of Ceschi:

“Hey everyone,
It’s Ceschi.
I’m on parole under conditions and won’t be able to leave the state… but I am now home!  Just wanted to openly thank everyone who stood by me and Fake Four over the last 4 months – all of the campaign contributors and all of the workers and artists who kept the label afloat.  Thanks to everyone who wrote to me also – I’m sorry that the amount of letters piled up and got a bit hard to write back to in the end – all were very much appreciated and brought smiles and comfort and moments of normalcy – I will be in touch with you all soon.  We’re pretty confident that the noise everyone made helped put me on the fast track for release.  It was even hard for me to believe but the public nature of my case had every C.O. in prison pointing and talking about me, they seemed utterly annoyed by the amount of mail and books and visits and overall attention I was getting – and that really helped push me out into the program faster.  Now I’m just going to be checking in with parole and family reentry, going through a series of assessments with counselors, drug testing and will probably have to go to meetings for a while.
To be completely open and honest with you all, this readjustment period is strange for me, filled with bizarre anxieties, heightened sensitivity and fears that never affected me before.  In a way it’s even hard for me to write this to all of you at this moment.  Although prison had its tough, boring, depressing and frustrating moments, it also taught me a lot about what was important to me.  It taught me to have more self control and brought about some positive routines in my life.  Right now, social media and the fast pace of the online world is not really something I’m feeling – so I probably won’t be on here very much anymore and don’t plan on reopening my personal Facebook account or getting caught up in the chaos of twitter.  I’m sort of trying to cling onto any privacy I can and stay calm as possible for the time being.  Hopefully that doesn’t come off as rude or selfish but it’s just where I’m at right now and can just hope you understand on some level.  Still, David or I will update this music page on Facebook and will try to communicate through here as much as possible.

To everyone still waiting on their indiegogo perk – sorry for all of the manufacturing or shipping delays.  Our friend Dave has shipped all clothing items at this point and I’ve been informed that the USBs are going out this upcoming week.  To folks in or nearby CT – we’re going to plan a proper get together soon and grand prize indiegogo winners will be brought out for that as well.

You all helped us so much during this time that it’s impossible to thank you enough.

Hope everyone had great holidays and I’m excited about a new, far better, year ahead.”



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