The Good, The Bad, The Ugly :: Slop Musket’s ‘Fall EP’

FALL (EP)” by Slop Musket

IN A WORD OR TWO :: bold, forward thinking, infinite potential, raw


THE GOOD :: Slop Musket was already a solid project when MCs anom and Joey Alpha were the lone members, but the addition of a band gives a sonic match to the sense of urgency from the complimentary styles of the two.  The rhythm section is on the same page throughout, and the guitar playing may as well be the third MC of the group, if not a Spliff Star or Freaky Tah style hype man.  The song Drips and Drops is definitely single material.

THE BAD :: The letter E instead of the letter L in the designation of what the project is.  Although this is just a toe in the water of the possibilities that lie before the feet of Slop Musket, it would have been nice to see them expand to a short, 8 song album.  With recent appearances on Van’s Warped Tour under their belt, the timing would be perfect to catch as much energy in the studio as possible.

THE UGLY :: Sometimes, our baby pictures get public.  We all have to start somewhere, and for what it’s worth, for a first recording on a new project, there are moments of solid execution.  Early on, the EP sounds like experiments realized during studio time, but by the second half of the album, the songs sound road tested and more assured.  I’m sure when it’s LP time, none of that will be an issue.

THE FINAL WORD :: Slop Musket as a hip-hop outfit was like Mario… possibly even Mario after he’s taken the mushroom.  Slop Musket as a band is like Mario with the fire flower, or one of the many awesome incarnations he takes on in the many sequels.  It’s nice to see a band evolve so quickly into such a strong direction, and I’m sure that many good things await them.



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