The Awakening :: Gensu Dean Drops ‘Algorhythms’

from the digital desk of Gensu Dean:

Algorhythms is a musical journey type of record.  It has several music moods that take you places.  Its not your average kick, snare, and hi hat type of instrumental record.  Its geared more toward experiencing a musical collage.  It has been my career position that when you create music and that music creates a mood, it sticks with people, it becomes relatable.  So I wanted to capture several moods, and express them in musical form.  This enables the listener to join in and share the listening experience, based on a mood or emotion they can identify with.  This is one of my many formulas when creating, hence the title.  Algorithms are formulas used to address problems and/or issues that require a solution, I apply this in a music format.  I altered the spelling to reflect the fact that it is musical rhythms and grooves.’



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