Visual Individuals :: AMVFest 2015 Highlights

Last night, I attended the end of the year event for the Austin Music Video Festival.  The night was made up of award wining videos, as well as videos premiering to the public.  What an inspirational night!

Here are the videos I consider to be the most captivating from throughout the night (or, what I could find online, anyways)…

Femina-x‘s Frida’s Heart, directed by Daniela Riojas (premier)


Sloom‘s Honey, directed by Ryan Orenstein (Video of the Year)


Sertified‘s Where I Live, directed by Priscilla Villegas (Most Austin-Centric)


Warm Soda‘s Can’t Erase This Feeling, directed by Zachary Scott (Instant Classic)


Wild Child‘s Rillo Talk, directed by Aaron Brown (Most Visionary)


Sweet Spirit‘s Baby Doll, directed by John Valley (Best Narrative)


Spoon‘s Inside Out, directed by LeBlanc + Cudmore (Best Cinematography)


LEV‘s Never Let You Go, directed by Aaron Brown (Best Art Direction)


Hailey Tuck‘s Sunday Morning, directed by Jethro Massey (Best Visual Effects)




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