Patiently Waiting :: A Heartfelt Tribute To Triple Crown

Many wonderful souls grazed the hallowed stage of Triple Crown‘s former location in San Marcos, TX.  That location is currently under development as the town prepares itself for its first building over 3 stories tall that isn’t on the Texas State campus.  Meanwhile, Triple Crown new location rumors have been buzzing all around the town.  While we all wait for what we know will be its triumphant return, CPC Films and SMFC Productions have been working on a documentary to show homage to some of those good times from the past.

In the immediate days after the closing of Triple Crown, up to the date it was finally completely demolished, many musicians would gather in front of the location to sing songs and reminisce about the good times.  This video is an attempt to capture the spirit of those gatherings, and it does it quite well.



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