Wise Inquisitive :: SniperShot Confesses ‘I Don’t Have The Answers’

One of my favorite aspects of the hip-hop culture is watching an individual gain knowledge of self.  Most every aspect of the hip-hop culture that one may dive in to hits a point in the journey where you have to push past what you originally considered your limits.  Whether it be going from fan to MC, listener to DJ, sketchbook king to all city, or head-nodder to b-boy, a transformation will occur.  SniperShot has been on my radar for a minute, and the seeds that I originally saw planted in him are starting to form into a full-fledged tree.  I Don’t Have The Answers is the perfect embodiment of one of the first key steps towards knowledge of self : realizing how little you know, and learning to how become a storage place for information that will be applied at an unknown point in the future.  Cheers to you, SniperShot, and here’s to hoping we can continue to be a part of your journey.


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