Soulful Flows :: PDotflo Releases ‘PDotflo & AmAzin Vol. 1’


Not to be overly nostalgiac or anything, but sometimes, boom-bap rap is what the world needs.  I’m all for exploration of new sounds and styles… don’t get me wrong.  But sometimes, you’ve gotta take the foundation elements and explore that realm.  Dallas-based MC PDotflo is neck-deep in that exploration with PDotflo & AmAzin Vol. 1.  This is the music that is ‘dated’ in the best way possible, to where you pinpoint it in the wrong era.  The sounds are familiar, the style is comfortable, but the content and voice are unique.  The topics are timeless, and yet a direct reflection of what we are going through right now.  This is that kind of hip hop that feels like a family reunion.  Great stuff.


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