Deep REST :: Uncovering ‘RESTLESS ARTFORM – A Graffiti Doc About An Austin TX Writer’

The city of Austin, although at times in a contentious matter, has long supported hip hop and all of its cultural elements.  DJs have thrived in the city, MCs are plentiful and range in styles, and BBoy crews have a safe haven in BBoy City (approaching 25 years of existence).  Like most every major city, however, its relationship with Graffiti is a complex one.  A few years ago, Egosheriff Films explored this complex dynamic via RESTLESS ARTFORM – A doc about an Austin TX writer.  The focus lies on REST, an Austin writer with an interesting past, and plenty of unique (but understandable) viewpoints about how he expresses himself among the madness that is day to day life down here in Weird City.  This documentary is very well made (the identity hiding animations are hilarious), and definitely deserves a focus.


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