Real Talk :: The Poetic Butcher Blesses Austin Poetry Slam With ‘The Non Social Network’

Every Wednesday night, a group of Austin‘s most diverse wordsmiths and creative thinkers get together for Austin Poetry Slam at Spiderhouse Ballroom.  I have heard quite a few people drop knowledge and bless the mic with verbal dexterity, but sometimes you just have to sit the people down and talk straight with them.  Enter The Poetic Butcher, and his piece titled The Non Social Network.  He’s not covering any new ground, and we are all aware of how the information age is reshaping cultures and changing the world on many levels, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t about as crystal clear as your uncle taking you aside and telling you the things that you need to hear.  I look forward to hearing more from The Poetic Butcher and the many, many other participants of Austin Poetry Slam.


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