Next Level :: Chief and TheDoomsdsayDevice Releases ‘Repossession’

Many years ago, around my senior year of high school, I knew two things for a fact… I would be a live musician in some capacity, and I would be involved in film in some capacity.  I had no idea to what extent yet, but all of my energies were focused on those two things.

As I moved into college, I decided that music was the realm where I could compromise my vision and still achieve to a level that will allow to, at some point in my life, be financially stable and creatively strong enough to transition into film.  The next nearly two decades of my life found music taking me all over the world, and introducing me to many creative people.  The landscape of creativity also changed, and film eventually became as easy to do independently as music.

So, as we enter 2017, I find myself at a signpost in my creative journey.  The transition towards the film era is in full flight.  Repossession is my first official short film release (there are some college films that will never see the light of day if I can help it, lol).

Many thanks to SymmaTree and Sara Nadeau for their acting contributions.  Thank you to Jeffrey Garcia for providing his lights and lighting expertise.  Thank you to Carley and Ginger Root of All Evil out at Wildflower Country Inn and Event Center for allowing us a space that elevated the project.  Thank you to Butcher Bear and the whole (iN)Sect Records label for making music dope enough for a movie.  And thank you to all of you out there who have already seen this, and those who will hopefully discover it in the future.


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