Sound Champion :: NickNack Demonstrates How To ‘Watch The Sound’ With Beat Junkies

As a high schooler newly discovering Austin‘s long history of live music, I met many heads that I continue to keep in contact with to this day, nearly 20 years later.  One of those heads I first met on the scene was NickNack, who in the late 90s was already a well known DJ and a vital part of the hip hop scene.

As the years have gone by, NickNack has done nothing but grow.  He’s developed Crowd Control Records, released several albums as both DJ and producer (a role he has also excelled at), and played more gigs than many of us can fathom.  Recently, The World Famous Beat Junkies invited him to be a part of their Watch The Sound series, which he of course destroyed with a plethora of his wonderful toys.  Dig it, share it, like it, and support local!


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