Hazy Daze :: Grin & Bear It Releases ‘God, The Devil, And The Law’


When summer transitions to fall, the days (and the shadows) start to get a little longer.  The heat slowly rolls out, and ushers in an era of slightly less heat.  In addition to the seasons, the musical shift tends to happen as well… the party music starts to take a backseat, and the introspective music starts to take hold right before we all shack up for the winter.  San Marcos-based signer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Corbin Young, with the help of a small rotating ensemble, has helped us all out by dropping a set of songs that will become part of that transitional soundtrack.  Grin & Bear It is the project name, and the release is titled God, the Devil, and the Law.  In the words of the creator himself :

“Here are some things I’ve thought, life is crazy, and to survive it I believe you’ve gotta be a bit crazy yourself.”


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