Refresher Course :: Mega Ran Drops ‘STRANGERS’ To Celebrate Release Of ‘Stranger Things 2’


Philly-based MC Mega Ran had his finger on the pulse of all things interesting last year.  Among his many flags dropped along the pop culture landscape was a dope track dedicated to season one of the runaway Netflix hit Stranger Things.  Anyone who knows Mega Ran knows that he will maximize a good thing for you, and so it came as no surprise when he dropped Strangers the day before Stranger Things 2 hit the digital airwaves.  Featuring production by Isidor, DEADLIFE and Lynx Kinetic done in the vein of the original show soundtrack, this go-round finds Mega Ran focusing in on each main character and providing them with a standalone track.  Get this one while the getting is good, and share it with the other fans of Stranger Things you know, because there are many of us…


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