Outlaw Style :: Dead Horse Creek Unleashes ‘1876: The Ballad Of Wolfe Burton’


Anybody can grab a guitar, bass, drums and some friends and start a rock band.  A chosen few are smart enough to lock into a niche-songwriting style and maximize it for what it’s worth.  And then there are the small, wonderful, unique handful such as Dead Horse Creek who take it to the fullest extent possible… dedicated characters, authentic dress, and visual cues that add to the entire mystique.  Dead Horse Creek is the type of outfit I always imagined tear-assing through a Sam Peckinpaugh movie, leaving bullet holes and fans everywhere they go.

The guys tap directly into that fantasy with the release of 1876: The Ballad of Wolfe Burton.  The band plays the outlaw outfit The Bloody Higgins Boys, and with the help of title character Wolfe Burton, they bust out of jail and raise all kinds of hell.  This album is one I’ve been waiting for since I first discovered these guys, and it’s nice to have something to share with folks when I tell them about how awesome Dead Horse Creek is.  Hopefully, this is the first of many wonderful releases.


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