Hidden Gems :: Discovering Xela, ‘Eleventh’ And Much More


One of the handful of life transitions into this daily blogger realm involved having to dedicate time to Facebook and the rest of the social media info-storm that I have now become a part of.  The silver lining, however, is the development of a quick and keen eye when it comes to discovering content.

For example, while combing through my timeline yesterday, I noticed a post from the homie Evolve1980 stating that he had exhausted his treasure trove of production and needed more, because he’s ALWAYS writing.  The first comment was a link to an album titled Eleventh by an artist named Xela.  I clicked, and man oh man, am I glad that I did.  Eleventh, on its own, held my attention just fine.  The beats are well crafted, diverse, and hold their own as instrumental tracks.  It was the discovery that Eleventh was the representation of a monthly beat series that Xela started in February that was the real win.  I have not yet listened to First through Tenth, but it is on my list of things to do immediately, with my end of the year lists rapidly approaching.

Discoveries like the Xela catalog are extremely inspirational.  Always stay working, and always stay creating.  You never know who out there is recognizing what you’re doing.


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